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Confined, compact and combinable

You want to head out for the open water? To go fishing, relaxing or just to have fun? You always wanted a small boat, but why do you need a boat trailer? You actually need a trailer that you can use in a multifunctional manner for the house and garden and which transports your boat.

Take this liberty!

The red snapper is a clever combination of a

Boat transport set
Compact boat

5 stars - 5 benefits

Developed with professionals for cool people.
Multifunctional on land and at sea. More then every other boat trailer.
Put your boat to water without a static slipway. You only need your trailer! You choose the location!
small & clever
Store the boat in your carport! When folded it occupies only 1,5 m² of space. So it will easily fit. This is very smart.
4x fun
Take your friends with you. You can have fun with up to 4 persons.

The boat
Fishing, relaxing and having fun!

The red snapper is the ideal boat for fishing with, relaxing on and having fun. It is designed for up to four people and is suitable for small lakes, protected coastal waters and bays, rivers and canals and weather conditions of up to wind force four.

Technical details

Compact boat
Length opened / with railing 3.60 m / 3.72 m
Length folded up 1.80 m
Length of the water line 3.20 m
Width / with railing 1.40 m / 1.52 m
Width in the water line 1.20 m
Maximum draught 0.65 m
Total weight of the boat 100 kp
Weight of the motor Maximum of 30 kg
Number of persons Maximum of 4 persons 1)
1) Maximum load 430 kg including motor and luggage

The compact boat consists of glass fibre reinforced plastic with a Gelcoat surface coating. The partially integrated wooden reinforcements ensure the special stability of the boat body. All materials used, such as stainless steel, sealing rubber, wood and plastic have, of course, been weather and water-tested.

Standard equipment

  • Surrounding stainless steel rail
  • 2 cam locks
  • 2 hinges with 4 counter plates
  • 2 plastic seat boards in the respective colours of the boat
  • 2 oars with an oarlock / holder
  • 3 inspection port holes
  • Surrounding rubber seal
  • Eye plate at the stern for the mounting of the motor (accessory)


  1. red snapper is a compact boat, which consists of two boat shells: Bow = upper shell, stern = lower shell, which can be locked together.
  2. After it has been put together, the boat is securely connected on the ground using sturdy cam locks.
  3. Particular importance was attached to the stability of the boat hull. The broad water-bearing surface ensures a very good flow pattern of the water.
  4. The design and functional highlight is the surrounding stainless steel railing. They enable outstanding handling when opening the boat and during the lowering of the boat into the water. In addition it assists the stable fixing of the boat on the trailer using lashing straps.
  5. The boat is already equipped with oars and oar locks. The recommended power of the electric motor is 6 HP and can be increased to 8 HP. (available in accessories)

Display your true color and remain individual

Signal Red
Cobalt Blue
Moss Green

The trailer

Technical details

Trailer - Cruiser750
Usable platform dimensions (L x W) 2.10 m x 1.53 m
Trailer length 3.09 m
Trailer width 1.98 m
Permissible total weight 750 kg 1)
Load capacity 450 kg 2)
Rim diameter 13 "
Tilt angle for the slipping 13°
Brake No
Support wheel Yes
Shock absorber No
1) Maximum weight without the boat and the boat transport set 2) Additional equipment reduces the load capacity

Standard equipment

  • Support wheel
  • Powder-coated trailer railing
  • Telescopic crank support
  • 1 couple of parking supports
  • Screwable transport frame with boat pads
  • 6 stable retractable lashing points in the frame
  • Modern Multipoint III lighting
  • Loading area made of slip and water-resistant screen-printed timber flooring
  • Mobile number plate holder to uptake the slip bar
  • STEMA-V drawbar, robust rubber spring axle and independent suspension
  • maintenance-free compact wheel bearing
  • Sturdy plastic mudguards
  • Car power adapter

Boat transport attachment

Standard equipment

  • Welded frame construction with boat trailers
  • 4 keel rollers
  • 4 rubber pads and 1 stop pad
  • Winches with Knott-winch
  • Slip rail with rubber pads – with 4 lashing straps cleverly concealed behind the number plate holder
  • 7 metre tensioning cable with hooks
  • 4 lashing points
Go to water. Anytime and everywhere!
Due to the trailer and the boat transportation set design, you can launch the boat directly into the water from the gentle, hard shore and do not required a fixed boat dolly.

Cruiser 750
The Trailer for the boat and the garden

With transport frame and railing

The Cruiser750 is not only a boat trailer. It is a real multitalent! You can add small or high board walls to transport anything you want. All that is possible with the standardly installed waterproof screen-printed timber flooring.

The boat can be placed vertically in the carport when folded together. That is practical and saves on storage space.

» High tarp trailer
» Flat tarp trailer
» Board walls made of aluminum

Boat accessories

The red snapper live
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A tiltable STEMA trailer with a wooden floor throughout is used. Therefore, it can be retrofitted with different board walls and attachments. The trailer (2.10 x 1.53 metres, 750 kg) is equipped with a removable boot frame, a slip rail behind the registration plate holder and a suitable railing for fixing the boot. The fold-up boot shell is both a boot and a stowage space. It can stand vertically and, therefore, be stored in a space-saving manner and independently of the trailer.